1st Sports HackathON!
10-11 March 2018

"I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself."
Usain Bolt
​​ Project Match Predictions
Winner Sports TechVision
​​Project Body Support
Winner Sports innovations
​​Project Interactive game "Aquashah" ​​
​​ Project Smart coach assistant
​​Project DNA Testing
Winner Team challenger
​​Project Barin Sports
Winner Sports technologies
​​​​Project Sports Marketing
​​Project Platform for sharing video sports content in real time
​​​​Project Education game
Sports Technology,
Applications & Data
Sports Games
Sports Education

  • Design and prototype a software solution for measuring sports movements (speed, height, distance, etc.) and visualizing them in a creative way. You can use a diversity of OSS tools, and technologies such as PureData (PD), Processing , etc. This can be a suggestion about an application project for iOS/technology to identify and analyze the movements of footballers/baseball players when they throw/kick the ball. 
  • Suggest a solution to use of open sports data. You can experiment with datasets on open data portals ( UK , etc.).
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Suggest a project for a web-based platform (such as djet or smartbuilder) and propose MOOC Sports Education Courses in Bulgarian.
  • Propose an innovative solution for sports education. This can be a concept to accelerate sports knowledge creation, sharing and transfer through emotions recognition technology, such as affectiva . You can develop a library of the ancients sports equipment.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Use the concepts of gamification to develop an app/technology for the most popular sports/curiosity/etc. It can include one or more objects.
  • Develop a fitness self-trainer game for iOS, which to be used for accelerate achievements of the sports players.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

You can use all programming languages, environments ( Openstack , etc.)  and approaches. If you are not a programmer, you can develop your idea for a mobile app using app builders such as appsbar , Appy Pie, etc.

Sports Smart
Clothing & Accesories
Sports, Music & Health
Sports & Media

  • ​Propose an idea for app/technology for healthy eating (Such as Happy Fork ), or mobile app for everyone who wants to calculate the vitamins and calories in its food during the day.
  • ​​Develop an equipment/device to be used to learn music through sports.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Using VR, AR, and Sports 4.0 concept and technology to present in creative way sports events.
  • Design and prototype a speaking robot to give recommendations/or commenting for robot players to follow the rules in case of mistakes. All types of sports are applicable - human and artificial. You can use all types of approaches and tools ( Arduino , etc.).
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!

  • Suggest a hardware project for a sports accessories such as wristband/ Sweatband to measure the real time speed of a runner.
  • Design, prototype and develop musical running sensors shoes using Gesture Based Music concept.
  • Just be creative and develop a project on your own!


You can suggest a concept solution, a solution as a prototype of a finalised market product. There are no limitations for participation, everyone is welcome.

According to the World Sports Encyclopedia (2003), there are 8,000 indigenous sports and sporting games.



  • The teams can be up to 4 members
  • One team can present more than one project, and work on more than one Sports Hack category
  • Each team gets up to 5 minutes to present the project
  • English is preferable speaking language but not obligatory, you can present your project in Bulgarian as well
  • Use fresh code only

  • ​​ The intellectual property rights of hacks produced at the event belong to the teams, who created/designed them
  • Projects will not be accepted if they include obscene or discriminatory language
  • You have to bring to the event a prototype if you have created such

If you have any questions send an e-mail: [email protected] 


Technology & Design
How/What technology has been integrated into the project idea?

Sports & Advancement
How can the solution be used for sports advancements?

Creativity & Usability
How original is this solution?

Sports Synergy
How the idea/solution synergize the SMART 
digital technologies? 

Business Potential
Can you be a “significant player” in the sports technoogy market?


  1. Ваня Димитрова Колева, Заместник - министър
    Ваня Димитрова Колева, Заместник - министър
    Родена на 2 май 1965 г. Завършва средното си образование в ЦСУ. „Олимпийски надежди”. Дипломира се като магистър в треньорския факултет на Национална спорта академия „Васил Левски”. От 1988 до 1992 г. работи в Министерство на образованието. От 1994 до 2001 г. е заместник - управител на „Олимпика” ЕАД – организира и управлява дейността на зала „Универсиада”, зала „София” и ВСК „Белмекен”. В периода 2003 - 2009 г. е на позиция мениджър маркетинг и реклама в Клуб по художествена гимнастика „Левски” и танцова формация „Нешанъл Арт”. От 2009 г. е експерт в Министерството на физическото възпитание и спорта. От септември 2009 до февруари 2013 г. е началник кабинет на министъра на физическото възпитание и спорта Свилен Нейков. От ноември 2014 до януари 2017 г. е парламентарен секретар в Министерството на младежта и спорта Говори английски и руски език. Омъжена, с две деца.
  1. Prof. Tatiana Iancheva - Vice-rector for research and project activities NSA
    Prof. Tatiana Iancheva - Vice-rector for research and project activities NSA
    Doctor of psychological sciences at NSA “Vassil Levski” – Sofia. Doctor /Ph.D/ National Sports Academy “Vassil Levski” – Sofia. Bachelor degree – Psychology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Vice-rector for research and project activities 2016 – to date National Sports Academy "Vassil Levski", Sofia (Bulgaria). Researcher and professor in psychology 1991 – to date. National Sports Academy "V. Levski", Sofia (Bulgaria). Trainer at the UEFA football coaching school 2012 – 2017, 191 Primary school “Otets Paisii”, Sofia, Bulgaria. Psychologist of the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team 2013 – until now and Member of the Board of the Bulgarian RGF. Psychologist at the FC Levski 2012 - 2016. European champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics (Madrid) Scientific interests: Psychology in sports training; Regulation and self-regulation of human behavior; solving conflicts in the sport. Scientific publications: Iancheva, T., Personality and competitive realization, Iancheva, T., Personality and sport - harmony or conflict, Iancheva, T., Sports environment and the competitive realization of the personality, Personality, motivation, sport, Iancheva, T., Psychic space and relations in modern sport, В: Sport. Society. Education.
  1. Sasha Bezuhanova - founder and chairperson of MOVE.BG
    Sasha Bezuhanova - founder and chairperson of MOVE.BG
    Sasha Bezuhanova is the founder and chairperson of MOVE.BG. She is a senior executive, angel investor and philanthropist with a 20-years executive business career in HP and a multi-dimensional track record of service to society. Her long list of business achievements and social development engagements throughout the years involve positioning Bulgaria as an ICT center of global significance, boosting the entrepreneurial culture and women empowerment in her home country Bulgaria and at European level. In 2013 she left her business career and devoted herself to supporting social prosperity trough innovation, education and collaboration. Sasha is the initiator of EDIT.BG – open network initiative for digital innovation and the founder of the yearly Entrepregirl Award for supporting young women to develop their entrepreneurial ideas into business. Sasha is Chair of the Boards of Bulgarian Center of Women in Technologies, Technical University, co-founder and board member of the Initiative for Social Empowerment and Honorary Board member of Junior Achievement Bulgaria where she served as Board Chair for fifteen years. Sasha was named Digital woman of Europe for 2013 and one of the Top 100 Challengers in New Europe 100 for 2015. She holds an Executive Master’s Degree in International Negotiations and Policy Making from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Master's Degree in Electronics from the Technical University of Sofia, and Executive qualifications from INSEAD, Stanford and others.
  1. Svetlin Nakov - Мениджър "Обучение и вдъхновение" at Software University
    Svetlin Nakov - Мениджър "Обучение и вдъхновение" at Software University
    Svetlin Nakov inspires thousands of young people to start learning programming and technologies. He has 15+ years of experience as software engineer, IT project manager, trainer and consultant. Svetlin is an author of 7 books about computer programming and software technologies. He is a speaker at hundred conferences, seminars and training courses and an author of free video lessons about programming with 100000+ views. Svetlin holds the Bulgarian President award "John Atanassoff" for his contribution to the development of the information technologies and information society. His dream is to make Bulgaria the Silicon Valley of Europe.
  1. Martin Kuvandzhiev - Lead iOS Developer in Phyre and tutor in SoftUni
    Martin Kuvandzhiev - Lead iOS Developer in Phyre and tutor in SoftUni
    Martin Kuvandzhiev, 23, is working on innovative projects since he was 16. He has been participating in many hackatons and competitions. His greatest achievements are - winning Space Apps Challenge hackaton, winning the award John Atanasoff and the award of BAIT. In his professional development he has been participating in 3 successful startups, as one of them has been awarded with Best of CES 2014 in Sport and Wellness category. Currently Martin is Lead iOS Developer in Phyre, Core Developer in Bitcoin Gold and tutor in SoftUni.




sports tech ​​



Who should go? 
  • Everyone.
Who should go to build a hack? 
  • Anyone who likes sports,  technology, and innovations.
Do I need to know a programming language? 
  • No.
Have the projects been a finalized market solution?
  • No. You can present a project on a conceptual level, as a prototype or a finalized solution. 
How many projects are there?  Do I have to collaborate? 
  • It’s up to you.
What is the working language? 
  • You can use either English or Bulgarian.
Where will the hackathon be held? 
  • National Sports Academy, see the map below. 1700 Studentski Kompleks, Sofia.
When can I register?
  • The registration opens on the 10th of February.
Who can participate?
  • Everyone can participate, there is NO fee, no age limitation.
How many members can the team?
  • The team can be up to 4 members.
How will the projects be presented?
  • The projects will be presented in front of the judges who will evaluate the idea/project based on the criteria? You can present a PowerPoint presentation or/and demonstrate the project.